Teacher to Teacher: Resources and Tips to Help Educators Engage Families

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    Family engagement is a shared responsibility between families, schools, and communities to support student learning and achievement.

    Providing information and support to our PCS instructional staff to authentically engage families in their child’s education is what this page is all about!  Please explore the tips, articles, webinars and resources we have compiled.  But we also need your helpl!  We would love to include successful strategies/resources/activities you are using in this online environment as well as those that work in a face to face world. You may even want to include some that didn’t work so well and tell why and what you did to rebound.

    Please send ideas and feedback anytime to Amy Brown or Sheila Kane we will share on our page because after all, this is TEACHER TO TEACHER!



    Harnessing the Power of Families to Support Student Learning and Development

    In many schools across the country, families feel locked out of their child’s learning or unsure of how they can get involved. In this time of hybrid and virtual learning, strong partnerships with families are more important than ever. During this presentation, you will learn about the three most effective things schools and educators can do to make home-school partnerships an effective instructional strategy. 

    Featuring Jenni Brasington – Senior Director of Consultative Services for Scholastic Education and founding partner of the Center for Active Family Engagement (CAFÉ)

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