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    Tutors make a positive impact on a child's education!

    Any dependable volunteer can tutor. It is not necessary to have formal teaching experience. To be a successful tutor, you must enjoy working with children, and have patience and understanding.

    Tutoring is a proven method to improve students’ academic performance and help them feel equipped with the knowledge they need to excel inside the classroom and in life. Here are five reasons why you should volunteer as a tutor:

    •    Connect with students: You will be paired with an elementary or middle school student (or even a small group of them) and have the opportunity to form bonds that will keep you coming back every week. You’ll quickly see how students can make an impact on your life as well.
    •    Engage with your community: You will meet students, educators, volunteers, and community leaders throughout the area who are also passionate about making a difference.
    •    Use your knowledge: Miss your geometry class? Not really using that English degree? Tutoring provides an opportunity for you to put that high school or college diploma to use.
    •    Support the future of our community: There are many different tutoring options, making tutoring a convenient and flexible way to impact the next generation of leaders.
    •    Gain new skills: You will receive guidance and partner with educators to learn how to support and teach their curriculum, with a special emphasis on catering to each individual student’s needs.

    A tutor can be the key to unlocking a brilliant child inside. Contact the School Family & Community Liaison/College & Career Coordinator closest to where you live or work for tutoring opportunities.


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