Volunteer Information

  • We are so glad you want to volunteer!
    There are exciting opportunities each day in Pinellas County Schools for volunteers and community partners to make a difference in the lives of our students. 
    As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to have a huge impact on students in our district. To become a volunteer, you must first fill out an online volunteer application. Please see the registration link below. If you are a current or former volunteer, you do not need to complete another volunteer application. You will just need to click on the link to reactivate your volunteer profile for the current year. Volunteers are required to reactivate their profiles each school year prior to volunteering. https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer
    Level I (National Background Screening). Completed at no cost to the volunteer and processed by the District Office of Strategic Partnerships. To initiate a Level 1 screening, please complete the online volunteer application. When the Level 1 background check has been approved, you will receive an email with your user ID and password to log your volunteer hours into the volunteer system. If you have questions concerning the status of your level 1 background check, please contact the school's Family and Community Liaison or School Coordinator, College and Career Readiness. Please note that due to the volume of applications, processing times for a level 1 volunteer application to be cleared once submitted is between 10-15 business days. 
    Volunteer Guidelines 
    • Volunteers are required to present their Driver's License or gov't issued photo ID to be scanned in the front office upon entering campus. 
    • In addition, volunteers should be logging their hours.  Please see the Volunteer Quick Guide for instructions.  The Volunteer System may be accessed HERE
    • Volunteers will park in designated areas of the school campus.
    • Prior to volunteering, all volunteers must be background-approved Level 1. All Level I volunteers are to be supervised at all times.
    • All Level II volunteers are permitted to be unsupervised with students. Level II volunteers must wear their Level II badges when on school campus.
    For all questions regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact the School Family & Community Liaisons

    Change Your Lunch Plans...Change A Child's Life. 

    Learn more about how you can help change a life in just thirty minutes a week! Listen, encourage, be a friend to a child at a school closest to where you live or work.  Sign up today - go to www.pcsb.org/mentor  

    Logging Volunteer Hours

    It's so important for our volunteers to log their hours!  Logging and tracking volunteer hours allows for a truer picture of what programs actually cost.  Business partners and donors want to know the real value of our programs, and underestimating the impact of volunteers undervalues the program.  Thorough volunteer tracking systems also allow us to gain a better understanding of how much volunteers COST and CONTRIBUTE to the organization.  This allows us to define clear current needs and requirements.  Lastly, the community, potential families choosing our schools, and other volunteers take note of the strength of the volunteer programs (number of hours) as an indicator of credibility and belief in the school.  Please help us by logging your hours!
    Log Your Volunteer Hours
    For questions regarding your Username and Password, volunteer status or entering hours, please contact the Family & Community Liaison at the school where you volunteer.

    Interested in becoming a Level 2 Volunteer? 

    Please confirm with the Family & Community Liaison at the school if additional Level 2 screening is a requirement for volunteering. In order to move on with the Level 2 process, the Level 1 background check must have already been completed.  

    View the Level II Fingerprinting Procedures.



  • Volunteer Information