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    To create a supportive environment with positive role models for young ladies to excel in academics, display positive behaviors, maintain high self-esteem and demonstrate leadership skills.



    Girlfriends of Pinellas County is a program designed to empower young ladies in Pinellas County through academic support and mentorship. Students are provided with the resources, tools and guidance necessary to encourage self-discipline, positive behavior, and to cultivate high self-esteem and self-reliance. Mentors, community leaders, teachers and school administrators work closely with students to foster a supportive relationship through reinforcement in behavior, academic achievement and social growth. Students have an opportunity to participate in field trips that will enhance cultural awareness. Community service-learning projects are part of the program that builds a sense of citizenship and community pride. Parental participation is encouraged through parent/girl meetings and workshops.

    Any girl at a school with a current Girlfriends program, whose commitment will help her improve or maintain her academic performance, develop self-discipline, learn positive behaviors, and cultivate high self-esteem and self-reliance.

    Develop self-awareness, decision making, conflict resolution and social skills
    Goal-setting training
    Academic tutoring
    Cultural awareness
    Community service projects participation


    Assisting Girlfriends of Pinellas County is a rewarding opportunity for you to help girls get excited about school and their future. By modeling the kind of expectations they need to succeed you will make a positive and significant impact on their young lives. Opportunities for you to give your time, talents and gifts include:

    • Speakers
    • Mentors
    • Volunteers
    • Event Sponsors


    To find out more information or how you can be involved call 727-588-6405.

    Contributions may be made through the Pinellas Education Foundation,
     GF Meeting