Referendum - Performing Arts

  • The Referendum enhances performing arts programs across the district through additional equipment, increased teacher training, new band uniforms, guest artist presentations, field trips to performing arts venues, better sound systems and auditorium upgrades.

    The money enables the district to waive instrument rental fees for children who cannot afford them, ensuring that all students are able to pursue their love of music regardless of their family’s financial situation.
    Performing Arts

    Thanks to the Referendum:

    • All elementary music classes have received musical instruments. All schools have received supplies like band room furniture, risers, microphones and music stands, helping to create equity among music programs throughout the district.
    • The district was able to rebuild its string orchestra program. Without referendum funds, there would be no funding for string instruments, supplies, string teachers, string coaches and the All County string program.
    • Participation in guitar classes has more than tripled. The classes attract students who might not ordinarily choose traditional band, chorus or orchestra classes.
    • Music, theater and dance teachers at more than 70 schools have received Music Technology Integration Project (MusicTIP) training, which integrates technology into music curriculum.

    See how Camp IGNITE engages students in the arts and literacy. The camp is completed by the Referendum!