Behavior Plan


    School Wide Behavior Plan


    The Paul B. Stephens School Wide Behavior Plan explains the current goals and

    offers a description of the school wide reward systems and student expectations.

    STAR Expectations:

    S – Safety First

                    Follow safety procedures: Walk Don’t Run, Keep Your Hands, Feet and Objects to Yourself, Push Your Chair Under the Table When Leaving Your Seat

    T – Tell Others Your Wants and Needs

                    Advocate (speak up) for Yourself, Raise Your hand to Talk and Ask Questions, Use Nice Words,Use Good Manners

    A – Accept Responsibility

                    Enter Rooms Quietly, Follow Directions 1st Time, Stay on Task

    R – Respect Yourself and Others

                    Raise Your Hand To Speak or Leave Your Seat, Keep Your Hands, Feet and Objects to Yourself.

  • GOAL # 1 - Teaching Our Students To Monitor And Self-regulate Their Behaviors


    To accomplish this goal we are making sure that every teacher has the appropriate materials and training needed to incorporate at least one of the the following curriculum in their classroom;


    • Superflex – uses superhero-type characters to help students regulate their behaviors and become problem solvers.
    • Brainworks – a program for providing students sensory breaks.
    • Class DOJO – helps older students monitor their own behaviors and collects data to share with parents and administrators.
  • GOAL # 2 – Maintain and/or Reduce Frequency Of Physical Restraints


    • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training, designed to address the needs of students with autism, has been provided.

    • Provide refresher training on the TEACCH classroom model. TEACCH  is based on understanding the learning characteristics of individuals with autism and the use of visual supports to promote meaning and independence.

    • The Behavior Specialists’ Suite has been “remodeled” to provide a more clearly defined student area.  In addition, a sensory room has been set up, in the Behavior Specialists’ Suite as a calming area.



    At the school-wide assembly, one student from each academic level will be recognized as a Behavior Student of the Month.  Each students’ parents will be invited to the assembly to see their child recognized and receive a certificate.


    Rewards and recognitions are built into individual classrooms