• Lynch Student Dress Code

    The mandatory student dress code will consist of school uniform skirts, shorts, skorts, pants, and jumpers in navy blue or khaki colors. Shirts will be polo style in solid colors of navy blue, light blue, red, gray, white or yellow; or a Lynch Lions t-shirt. All other aspects of the Pinellas District Dress Code will be in place.
    uniform blue polo
    Light Blue Polo

    uniform white polo
    White and
    Gray Polos
    uniform navy polo
    Navy and
    Red Polos
    uniform yellow polo
    Yellow Polo

    uniform navy shorts
    Navy Shorts

    Uniform shorts khaki
    Khaki Shorts

    uniform navy pants
    Navy Pants

    uniform pants
    Khaki Pants

    uniform dress
    Girl's Dress

    uniform jumper
    Girl's Navy Jumper

    uniform khaki jumper
    Girl's Khaki Jumper

    uniform khaki capris
    Girl's Capri Pants

    Uniform pieces may be purchased at many local retailers, online stores, and even at local thrift shops. Here are a few links to popular store websites:
    Uniform Walmart logo
    WalMart Uniform Store

    Uniform Target logo
    Target Uniform Store

    Uniform JCP logo
    JCP Uniform Store

    Lynch Elementary will also be starting a clothing "Swap Shop" where you can donate outgrown pieces that are still in good condition or purchase school uniform pieces at greatly reduced prices. More information will follow.
    Uniform Bealls logo
    Bealls Uniform Store

    Uniform Kmart logo
    KMart Uniform Store