• School Highlights
    *Family Friendly Atmosphere
    *Successful mentoring program
    *Title I - resources for additional help in reading and math
    *FOUNDATIONS and CHAMPs school
    *Participation in District Science Showcase
    *National Elementary Honor Society charter member
    *Chorus - grade 4

    Exceptional Student Education
    *FULL TIME: Emotional Behavior Disorder (EBD)
    *PART TIME: Varying Exceptionalities (VE), Speech Impaired (SI),
    Language Impaired (LI), Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH),
    Visually Impaired (VI), Occupational Therapy (OT),
    Physical Therapy (PT) and Gifted

    *Teacher Partners - Title I
    *Gifted Education for eligible students
    *ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
    *Library/Media Center with Computer Lab
    *Character Education
    *Reading Lab - grades K-5
    *Pinellas County Core Curriculum
    *Enterprise Village - grade 5
    *MyOn Reading Program
    *ST Math

    Special Services and Programs
    *(STARS) Students Targeted for Achievement, Recognition, and Success
    *Reading Counts!
    *Family Activities to support Reading
    *Extended Learning Program
    *SES - Title I Supplemental Educational Services
    *Reading / Literacy Coach
    *Student of the Week/Month recognition program

    Student Activities & Clubs
    *Awards Assemblies
    *Character Rally / Week
    *Mighty Lion PE Carnivals
    *Safety Patrols
    *Chorus, and Instrumental Percussion concerts
    *Student of the Week/Month
    *After school MAD Science Club
    *Fall Festival
    *Spring Fling*WLYN (We Love Your News): daily live student produced news show
    *Multicultural Club

    Community Involvement and Partnerships
    *School Advisory Council (SAC)
    *Volunteer tutors/mentors
    *Business Partnerships
    *Community playground
    *America Reads Volunteer Program
    *District Advisory Council (DAC)
    *Mentor Program
    *All Pro Dads