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    An explanation of Title I funding

    What is the Purpose of a Title I School?

    The purpose is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.

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    2020-2021 Title I Video 



    What is a Title I School?

    Title I is a federally funded program designed to address the academic needs of students and to assist them in meeting the state’s high standards, particularly in the areas of reading, writing, science and mathematics. The Pinellas County School District receives funds based upon the number of students who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

    2020-2021 Title I Compact

    What might I see in a Title I School?

    You may see some or all of the following in your Title I School:

    · Intervention classes - provide intensive assistance in reading and math

    · Additional resource teachers and assistants who are highly qualified

    · Additional training for school staff

    · A variety of teaching methods and materials

    · Special learning events

    · Training for families

    · After-school tutoring

    · Laptop computers “Connect to Success” take-home program for all 3rd and 4th grade students

    What  other resources are available to me in Pinellas County Schools?

    PCSB Title I Family Resource Center is available, open Monday through Friday.  It can be found at:

                    2499 25th St. S.

                    St. Petersburg, FL 33712


    What is my role as a parent in a Title I school?

    As a parent, you are an important part of the team working with the students.  As you have always done in the past, please:

    · 3rd and 4th grade parents attend the “Connect to Success” laptop computer training

    · Stay informed of events taking place at Fuguitt.

    · Attend Parent Meetings, join PTA, attend Parent Teacher conferences

    · Take advantage of the resources provided to you!

  • Fuguitt Elementary's Parent Involvement Plan (PIP)

    Please see the Parent Involvement Plan in its entirety at the link provided.

    Summary of Fuguitt Elementary School

    Parent Involvement Plan (PIP)

     Parent Involvement Policy (PIP) for Fuguitt Elementary School states:


    Our school Compact and Parent Involvement Plan is jointly developed by parents and other stake holders. In an effort to build the capacity of our parents we will offer Open House/Curriculum Night, Parent Teacher Conferences, Parent Portal Guide, and Parent Workshops. Additionally, our staff will build their capacity by participating in Leader in Me Academy and Building Bridges, in order to create an atmosphere that is conducive to parental involvement and highest student achievement. We also coordinate with other federal programs such as Title I programs, and the Individuals with Disabilities Act.


    Each year we review our Compact and Parent Involvement Plan, parent input is essential to this process. Parents will be notified of the review date by the Annual Parent Meeting. We offer flexible meeting times by scheduling meetings in the afternoon, the evening and on Saturdays, in an effort to reach as many parents as possible.





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    Fuguitt Elementary's Compact
    All students-parents-teachers should sign the Compact each year to agree to practices that lead to the highest student achievement.  See your child's teacher and sign today!