Community & Business Partnerships

    Business Partnerships  

    Partnerships are defined as a collaboration of efforts agreed upon between two mutual parties to accomplish common goals and to share the profits or benefits of mutual investments. These partnerships are developed to provide services, support and opportunities to improve student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. Pinellas County Schools believes that partnerships transform the educational landscape for student success. Developing meaningful partnerships can help meet the diverse needs of the district, schools, students, parents, and the community. 

    Community partners and business partnerships are vital to the success of Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary School. We welcome families, corporations, local businesses, community organizations, faith-based organizations and municipalities to become partners. TSFES welcomes contributions such as: 
    • Money (Event Sponsors, Department Sponsors, Adopt-A-Class)
    • Manpower (guest speakers & volunteers)
    • Materials (copying services, donations of supplies, donation of gifts/giveaways to be used for fundraising &/or appreciation events)

    By cultivating productive relationships with schools, business and community partners are able to improve their image through the publicity and recognition of their partnership. A company's/organization's name and logo could be prominently displayed at school events. It is an excellent source of advertising and lets everyone in the community know their business is making a real contribution to education! 

    In addition, these partnerships greatly benefit our students, their learning horizons are greatly expanded and they become aware of the relationships between schoolwork and employment. Students learn that community members care about their academic achievement. They also develop increased self-confidence and receive important encouragement to stay in school, seek training after high school and secure employment after graduation.

    Business, Community & Adopt-A-Class Form

    100% of the money goes directly to the event/department being sponsored to purchase items that will enhance learning opportunities (i.e. computer software, books, math, materials, supplies, event supplies and at times to supplement class field trips, etc.). Any individual, family, community or business can be a Partnership Sponsor. A full sponsorship is $150, however any amount is greatly appreciated, needed and accepted.

    For more information on becoming a community or business partner, please contact Jillian Eanniello, Family & Community Liaison at or call 727-943-5508.