• Dear Educators,


    Over the next few months, many of your students will take statewide standardized assessments. I am writing today to share with you that we have redesigned the score reports to make them more meaningful for Florida’s students, parents and educators.


    As a former classroom teacher, principal and district administrator, I have a personal appreciation for the time, energy and effort that you put into ensuring your students have the foundation necessary to succeed in each subsequent grade and/or course. I know that you communicate regularly with your students and their parents to provide helpful information about the progress being made throughout the school year. Likewise, when parents receive score reports for statewide assessments, they deserve a clear depiction of how their student performed so they – and their student’s future educators – can be empowered to help them reach their full potential.


    We took a close look at the key components of the current score report. One of the key concerns we noted in our research was the tendency to use the terms “satisfactory” and “proficient” interchangeably, although they actually represent two different levels of mastery. “Satisfactory” is representative of level 3 on the assessments, while “proficient” is really a more appropriate term to describe level 4.


    To address this common misconception and provide additional clarity, we incorporated the following features into the newly redesigned score report:


    •        Color-coded levels (1-5), so it is apparent which level the student achieved at first glance;

    •        Clear explanation of what each level means, including the difference between “satisfactory” and “proficient,” with additional detail about the level that the student achieved;

    •        Comparison of the student’s performance to other students in their school, district and the state; and

    •        References to specific DOE websites that offer resources parents and students can use to increase preparation for the next grade/course.


    I know that your students and their parents have a high regard for the information you provide, so I wanted to make sure that you were among the first to receive the details. We have provided sample score reports and additional information online at http://www.fldoe.org/accountability/assessments/fsa-report.stml.


    We value your input, and I hope that you will let us know if you have any questions by responding to this email.




    Education Commissioner Pam Stewart