• How do I Obtain a PCS Parent User ID and Password?


    Current Students
    If you already have a PCS Parent User ID and Password, you do not need to get another User ID or Password for additional members in your family. Only one User ID and Password is issued per family. Simply use your User ID and Password to log in to the Student Reservation System to register your child. Then take the required documents to your child’s assigned school (see document list below).

    New or Returning Students
    If you have a new or returning student to Pinellas County and need to make a reservation for a public school and do not have a Parent User ID and Password you will first need to do the following: To obtain a username or reset your password, take a photo id (driver’s license, state id, passport, etc.) into any PCS school and ask for one.  You can also take a picture or scan it and send your request to: StudentAssignment@pcsb.org After you have obtained a User ID and Password you can use the school's computer or your home computer to complete your child's reservation, which will hold your child's seat at their zone school.
    Why do I need a Parent User ID and Password? 
    A Parent User ID and Password is used with Focus and the Student Reservation System.  In Focus when the student has been attached to the Parent User ID a parent is able to log into Focus and view a variety of different items pertaining to the student.  Some of these items could include grades, attendance, homework assignments and have access to links to their students teachers.  Parents will use the Student Reservation System (SRS) for the following:
    • Reserving a seat for enrolling a new or returning students for the Current School Year
    • Reserving a seat for enrolling a new student for the Next School Year
    • Changing your residence address
    • Applying for District Application Programs (magnets, fundamental, or high school career programs)
    • Applying for a Special Assignment Request
    Does My Parent User ID Ever Expire?
    Yes, Parent User Accounts that have not been used to log on to any district system (SRS or FOCUS) will be purged and deleted after 12 months of inactivity.  If your ID is purged you can have a new ID and Password issued by following the process described above and visiting any school or the Student Assignment Office with a valid photo ID.
    How do I change my Passwords for Focus/SRS?
    Parents who wish to change their current password may do so by clicking on "Forgot your Password?" near the bottom of the page in Focus.  Then enroll into the Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM), after enrolling you will be able to reset your password. Parents must create a complex password that is a minimum of ten characters long.  New passwords will require at least one character from three of the following four categories:  lower case alphabetic (a-z), upper case alphabetic (A-Z), numeric (0-9) and special characters (examples:  !,@,#).
    If you are unable to change your password online or if you do not know your username or password you must visit your school to have your identity confirmed and password changed. Please bring your identification with you to the school.