Volunteers are appreciated at Westgate!

    Contact Randi Martin for more information (martinra@pcsb.org).





    You could help in any of the following ways:


    •Drive or Chaperone on field trips


    •Volunteer in the classroom

    -Working with one student at a time to give extra help

    -Helping make materials for students to use

    -Assisting with filing and collating papers


    •Volunteer at home

    (whenever the teacher needs help or by scheduling a certain night)


    -Helping to make materials for students


    Early registration is important and will help prevent delay in your

    participating in school field trips or other events. Allow

    3 to 4 weeks to process your registration forms.


    Please contact the school office and ask for Randi Martin (martinra@pcsb.org) for further information.


    Click Here for the Pinellas County Volunteer Page