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Tickets to Athletic Events

Electronic Ticket Directions


All tickets to athletic events this year will be electronic ONLY. You will be able to purchase your tickets online through GoFan ( Tickets will be available to purchase up until noon on day of the event. There will be no tickets sold at the gate for any sporting event. Football will be limited to the first 650 people to maintain social distancing. We will have 490 home tickets available and 160 visiting tickets available.

As a result, we will be limiting the number of tickets that someone can buy to 4 tickets per person. Tickets to the current week football game will be available starting on Tuesday and will end either when we sell out or at noon on the day of the event. You will not be able to buy tickets at the gate. Tickets will go quickly, so make sure you purchase your ticket early if you want to attend the game! Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive a message with your ticket- hold on to that until the day of the game! Once you get up to the gate, bring the ticket (s) up on your phone, validate them in front of the ticket taker, and that will get you into the game. Do not validate your ticket before you get to the gate and do not take a screen shot of your ticket. We will not accept that screen shot.

Please make sure you have your mask, and you and your family find a white dot to sit on, so you are safely seated inside our stadium. Please do not have more than four people sitting in one area. Make sure that masks stay on the entire game. Once the game is over we will be asking you to leave the stadium, and meet up with your player at your car, you will not be able to congregate near the north or south ends of the track and you will not be able to hang around by the locker room waiting for him.

This year you will also be able to stream live athletic events that take place on the football field or gym from the comfort of your home. For unlimited access to live and on demand content from the NFHS Network, fans can visit, search for Tarpon Springs High School, and subscribe. There is a Monthly Pass for $10.99 a month which can be canceled at any time. There is also a $69.99-yearly pass that is billed for 12 months at $5.83 monthly.

Thanks for making sure that we have safe and fun athletic events this year!



Video showing how to buy tickets


Video showing how to access your tickets