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School built for the students with special needs

Paul B. Stephens School was built specifically for the students with special needs that we serve. We strive to provide each student with an opportunity that allows them to develop to their individual highest level of independence. Having a school designed with that in mind has made a distinct difference. The spacious halls, the automatic doors, the classroom design and numerous other items have allowed greater independence and learning for even our most involved students. Here at Paul B. Stephens School, the students truly have a home away from home.

The staff at Paul B. Stephens School meet the requirements as highly qualified educators of students with special needs. Our curriculum is aligned to the Florida Standards with Access Points. In addition to academics, we focus on daily living skills and social emotional growth. We also address the health and well being of our students, and have a clinic staffed with three nurses who provide any necessary medical interventions. We have three Behavior Specialists who work with students having significant behavioral challenges.

Once a child is placed in our school, we go to work providing all we can to meet that student's individual needs. Our facility has state of the art equipment and technology, including computers, iPads, Smart Boards, Smart Tables, therapy equipment, adaptive physical education equipment and classroom materials.

We have a staff of three Occupational Therapists, one Physical Therapist, a Physical Therapy Assistant, a Vision teacher, an Orientation and Mobility Trainer, three Speech-Language Therapists  and a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

In addition to all of the services and curricular activities offered at the school, we make time for our students to have fun. We have Special Olympians, STAR TV crew, a glee club, cheerleaders, dances, a prom, a Girl Scout troop and numerous other social opportunities. We encourage parent involvement and have a good number of volunteers. Our Parent Teacher Association is highly active, as is our School Advisory Committee.