• Program Description:

    The Center for Gifted Studies at Ridgecrest Elementary has been serving gifted students for over 20 years, the center admits students in grades one through five who meet gifted eligibility criteria, and who are selected in the magnet lottery process.  Florida’s Frameworks for K-12 Gifted Learners provide the guidelines which support a challenging and rigorous curriculum that enhances the Florida Standards to meet the needs of our gifted students. Gifted standards and outcomes created through the Challenge Grant and Greater Accountability in Gifted Education (GAGE) also contribute to the curriculum. Students use integrated pieces of information to develop a well-rounded approach to learning rather than basing education on isolated, often unrelated, facts. Program teachers work with the students to help them identify their strengths and areas of need, thus enabling them to be self-directed learners while building a strong sense of accomplishment.


    Why choose Ridgecrest for your gifted learner?

    • Gifted students are gifted every day of the week! Our students receive academic instruction with gifted peers all day long, every day of the week.
    • Our innovative curriculum designed for gifted learners emphasizes peer collaboration, research, and project based learning while promoting academic excellence.
    • Gifted endorsed certified teachers receive continuing professional development in the area of gifted education. In addition to facilitating the academic growth of gifted learners, they are knowledgable in addressing unique the social and emotional needs of our students.
    • Technology use is integrated daily into the instructional activities.
    • Students have opportunities to participate in enrichment clubs and academic competitions.
    • Parents have greater opportunity for peer support from other parents of gifted children.
    • Our population of students is one of the most diverse populations of gifted learners in the entire district. Students learn to appreciate and recognize the various cultural identities represented by their peers' families.
    • Students engage in service learning and character development activities through our nationally recognized character education program.


    2019-20 brochure for Ridgecrest


    Admission Requirements:

    1.  All applicants must be interested in being enrolled in gifted classes on a full time basis and live in the mid-county zone.

    2.  Applicants for grade 1 must have been formally evaluated with a qualifying IQ score and be awaiting completion of the gifted eligibility process. Student’s IQ Evaluation Report (or Gifted Educational Plan, if eligibility process has been completed) must be submitted to Ridgecrest prior to the application deadline.

    3.  Applicants for grades 2-5 must have been identified as gifted and must have completed the gifted eligibility process. Student’s Gifted Educational Plan must be submitted to Ridgecrest prior to the application deadline.