Commitment to Character

  • At Mount Vernon, we take pride in our academics as well as our character. Each month we have a focus word that we learn about in our guidance lessons, as well as discuss daily in our morning circles. Commitment to Character, the Pinellas County Schools district model for character development, utilizes a common language, teachable moments, literature, service learning, and modeling to teach character in all curriculum areas. Rather than using a prescribed curriculum, the Commitment to Character model provides a menu of strategies that are infused through the everyday curriculum with an intentional, conscious focus. The goal of the program is to create a school culture that is saturated with respect, responsibility, honesty and other character qualities to prepare students for college, career and life.

    Character Education

    Words of the Month

    • Respect*
    Treating yourself and others with courtesy and consideration.

    • Responsibility* 
    Doing your best and taking ownership for your words and actions.

    • Cooperation* 
    Getting along with others and working together to accomplish a goal.

    • Citizenship*
    Being law abiding and involved in service to school, community and country.

    • Kindness* 
    Being nice and considerate toward others.

    • Self-Motivation* 
    Working in a careful and consistent manner without giving up.

    • Tolerance*
    Respecting the individual differences, views, and beliefs of other people.

    • Honesty* 
    Using truthful speech and behavior.

    • Self-Control*
    Managing your emotions and choosing acceptable behavior.

    • Caring*
    Being kind, friendly, considerate and willing to listen, give and share.

    • Courage*
    Being brave in difficult situations, challenging yourself.

    • Patriotism*
    Demonstrating allegiance to one’s country.