Suggested School Supplies for 2015 - 2016
schoolday and apple (100x100)

PreK Supply List


1.  2 containers of Play-doh
2.  back pack
3. 2 boxes of tissues
4.  3 containers of Clorox wipes
5.  3 large glue sticks
6.  3 plain white t-shirts
7.  1 bottle of hand sanitizer
8.   1 plastic school box
9.  change of clothes to be kept at school (Please write your child's name on them.) 

Kindergarten Supply List

Pencils (yellow #2)

5 Glue Sticks (25 gram Elmer’s is preferred)
Plastic rest mat (not a yoga mat)
Tissues (3 to 5 boxes)
Play-Doh (at least two canisters)
One composition book
One spiral notebook
3 plain white t-shirts (boys style, appropriate to students possible size by end of year)


Wish List:

Gallon zip lock bags
Snack size zip lock bags
Decorative pencils (as motivators)
Extra TissuesPaper TowelsPaper plates (dinner plate size)
Dixie Cups

First Grade Supply List
pencil box
glue sticks
Colored Pencils
2 - spiral notebooks
hand sanitizer
fine point dry erase markers

Second Grade Supply List
3 spiral notebooks
1 or more packs of pencils
1 or more packs of wide-ruled notebook paper
glue sticks
3 pocket folders with fasteners
resealable plastic bags
hand sanitizer
Colored Pencils

Third Grade Supply List
#2 pencils and erasers
5 - plain 3 prong pocket folders
1 - composition book
3 - spiral notebook
(1) 1-inch 3-ring Binder 
Dividers for the binder
2 highlighters
Hand Sanitizer
glue sticks
post-it notes
Clorox (disinfecting) wipes
Wish List
post-it flags
white board markers (dry erase)
hand sanitizer/hand soap refills
ear buds (to stay at school)
Apple gift cards (for iPad Apps)
healthy snacks
loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled)

Fourth Grade Supply List
4 one subject, 70 sheet, wide ruled, spiral notebooks
6 pocket folders - Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange and  Yellow – One of each (no other colors or designs please)
1 package of notebook paper, wide ruled.
1 package of #2 pencils 1 box of tissues
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 bottle of hand soap
1 package of cleaning wipes

Fifth Grade Supply List

2-3 spiral notebooks

1 1 and 1/2 inch 3-ring binder with dividers

1 composition book

1 steno pad

2 boxes of pencils

1-2 packets wide-ruled notebook paper

3 pocket folders with prongs

1-2 boxes of tissues

1 glue stick
 Post-it notes
1 pack of Expo dry erase markers
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
*PLEASE no pens of any kind, and NO Trapper Keepers*