Summary of Oak Grove Middle School

    Parent and Family Engagement Plan


    The 2019- 2020 Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP) for Oak Grove Middle School states:


    Our school Compact and Parent and Family Engagement Plan is jointly developed by parents and other stake holders. In an effort to build the capacity of our parents we will offer Title 1 Back to School Night, Curriculum/Literacy Night, and Golden Knight Achievement. Additionally, our staff will build their capacity by participating in ongoing PLC to address standards base instruction delivery, infusion of cross content literacy, classroom routines to promote effective behaviors, and effective planning for ELL students in order to create an atmosphere that is conducive to parent and family engagement and highest student achievement. We also coordinate with other federal programs to support instruction on campus.


    Each year we review our Compact and Parent and Family Engagement Plan, parent input is essential to this process. Parents will be notified of the review date by August 2019. We are offering multiple meeting times in an effort to reach as many parents as possible. Our Title I Annual Parent Meeting was held on August 12th. During this meeting we discussed the Parent’s Right to Know, what is Title I, the budget, and the importance of parent and family engagement, curriculum and assessments.


    We will communicate with parents via newsletter, email, and school messenger calls. We will make every reasonable effort to provide our parents with information in an understandable language and format. Our Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP) is located on our website www.pcsb.org/oakgrove-ms, at our Title I Parent Station, and you may request a complete copy by contacting Mr. Anan Smith .


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