Summer Bridge

Engaging activities and intensive instruction over the summer help ensure that students are prepared for maximum success when the next school year begins. Summer Bridge is especially important for students who are performing below grade level or who need extra support to be successful.

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    Summer Bridge Programs:

    Summer Bridge helps students succeed:

    • Elementary school students have continued to show impressive gains, with many students moving from “below proficiency” in reading, math or science to “at or near proficiency.” Most students who came to Summer Bridge already scoring “at or near proficiency” still showed promising learning gains.
    • Middle school students have continued to demonstrate promising growth in reading, math and science performance, with impressive gains in reading ability as measured by assessments. In 2016, gains were evident at every middle school site and were higher than in 2015.
    • High school students have continued to benefit from Summer Bridge in at least two critical areas, preparation for  the state’s Algebra 1 EOC test and credit recovery opportunities to helps students who have fallen behind in their graduation requirements.