• Dungeons and Dragons Club meets on Thursdays after school. 

    D&D is a collaborative role-playing table game. 

    Mrs. Wazelle is the sponsor for this club.



    Pride Club meets on Wednesdays after school.

    Pride Club is a space for scholars of ALL identities to feel valued, validated, and safe. 

    Ms. Aguilar is the sponsor for this club.



    Yearbook Club meets Thursdays after school.

    Mr. Da Silva is the adviser.



    Girlfriends Club meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month after school.

    This club is an excellent opportunity to be part of a team that empowers girls with leadership skills and positive role models.

    Mrs. Diaz is the sponsor.



    Anime Club meets Thursdays after school.

    This club is fellowship-based and will be watching, drawing, and discussing anime and manga.

    Ms. Bennett is the sponsor.



    National Junior Honor Society meets during the day at least one time per month.

    Membership in this club is based on grade point average and is for 8th grade only. 

    Mr. Read is the adviser.