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    Sunset Hills Elementary School

    What you need to know 

    School Hours: 8:45-2:55 

    Government issued Photo ID is required to enter campus or pick up your child during school hours 


    Please do not drop your students off before 8:10, our staff will not be on duty until then.   

    All students report to the Cafeteria each morning, except for pre-k 

    Breakfast is served at 8:10 and is free to all students 

    For the first three days of school parents may eat breakfast with their student (in the courtyard) and escort their children to class.   

    Students are dismissed to class at 8:35, Kindergarteners are escorted to class by their teachers and safety patrols 

    Tardy students must be accompanied into the office by an adult 


    Parents with level 2 clearance may eat lunch with their child on Fridays on campus in designated areas. All parents may sign their student out and eat on the tables in front of the office Monday through Friday.  Classmates are not allowed to join other families for lunch.  Please send your child back to the cafeteria before their lunch time is over.   

    Lunch Schedule: 

    • PPK 11:45-12:05/ VPK 11:45-12:05/ KDG 10:50-11:20 /**UPDATED**1st 11:40-12:10/ 2nd 10:30-11:00/ 3rd 12:10-12:40/ 4th 11:10-11:40/ 5th 12:20-12:50     

    Lunch Cost: $2.25 (snacks are extra) 


    2:25pm Early Release Cutoff, unless an emergency 

    2:55 pm 1st Bell: 

    • Car riders - to the car loop near multi-purpose room 
    • On campus after school programs: 
    • YMCA multi-purpose room 
    • Designated ELP location 

    3:00pm 2nd Bell:  

    • Walkers and parent pickup 
    • Walkers meeting parent will exit out the front gate Sunshine door (gate will not be open) 
    • Kindergarten students will wait in the pre-k pod area until the parent is present at the Sunshine door 
    • Walkers with no parent will exit out the right door of the bus loop  
    • Bike riders 
    • Will exit out the right door of the bus loop 
    • Bus and aftercare van-riders 
    • Van riders will report to designated location identified by sign at the bus loop entrance 

    The car circle in the back of the school is the safest and fastest way to pick up your child at dismissal.  We ask for your patience for the first couple of weeks.  It will take time for students and parents to acclimate to the car circle system 

    For a quick & safe dismissal we ask that you: 

    • stay in your car 
    • Limit cell phone use or utilize hands free devices  
    • please be patient 
    • don't stop suddenly and call your child to the car, pull forward and close the gaps 
    • have your child exit on the passenger side of the vehicle 

    3:05pm:  All students must be picked up unless participating in an after school program. Students that remain will be sent to the front office for parent pick up.   

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