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     The Maximo Music Department is a unique place where students are encouraged to use their minds in ways that expand not only their intelligence, but also their hearts. Students explore musical concepts that enhance their mathematical, scientific, and language learning through activities that also nurture their emotional and social intelligence. 
     music studio
     word wall
    Musical literacy and fluency is encouraged across all grade levels
     Keyboards line the south wall of the music room. A variety of lighting is available in the music studio, including special, blue light covers that work to create a calm and soothing environment by decreasing glare and flickering from fluorescent lights. 
    drum circle  
     The Maximo Music Department is blessed to have a wealth of variety in instruments for our children. All of our instruments have been paid for via Pinellas County referendum tax dollars. Featured in this image are our congas, bongos, tubano, and djembe drums in our drum circle, our baby grand piano, and a bass metallophone (part of a larger Orff ensemble). 
     All classrooms at Maximo are equipped with SMART board technology, and the music studio is no exception!
    Maximo Music Director,