• quaver

    Maximo is a Quaver school! Quaver is an innovative, tech-based music curriculum that is used both in the music studio and at home. Each student has their own unique QuaverName that allows them free access to the site to practice, explore, and assess their skills.









    Students, follow the steps outlined below to log into your account


    1. Go to quavermusic.com and follow the links to log in


    log in



    2. For your QuaverName, type the capital letters ME immediately followed by your unique 5 numbers. Everyone's password is lowercase "maximo."




    3. Click on the green door to enter Quaver's virtual music studio




    4. Select the student tab at the bottom of the screen to bring up your dashboard. After you've checked for assignments, use the other resources to practice and explore. For example, 3rd-5th grade recorder music can be found if you click on the "Student Interactives" icon.