College Day Visits

    Students wishing to visit a college and receive attendance code for the time out of school must follow the attached documentation schedule as well as present all completed and documented forms. Any additional questions regarding College Day visits, students are encouraged to speak wit their grade level administrator. 

     -Click here for College Day Form

    Seniors and Juniors

    Please use the following procedure to receive a Code 3 absence for a College Day:

    To have your college visitation count as a Code "3" absence you must complete the "Request for College Day form." Then return the completed form to your Assistant Principal at least 3 days in advance of the visitation date. You will be notified of visitation Approval or Denial, before the visitation date. 

    ***Upon approval of the College Day, the student must return an original letter (proof) from the educational establishment, with parent signature, to your Assistant Principal upon your reurn to school. 

    A Code 3 will not be given if the procedure is not followed. Also please be reminded that you get four (4) college days during your high school Junior & Senior year. You may begin taking college days at the beginning of your Junior year.