Digital Learning Option

  • Parents can decide which learning option they want for their child. Students can attend school in person or virtually via MyPCS Online. Below is the process for changing your child’s learning option.


    Hello MyPCS parents,

    As we enter the winter break, I wanted to do let you know that your child is welcome to come back to face to face learning on January 4th when we return.  Due to the governor’s new orders concerning students returning to the school building and our lower numbers online, I might have to reassign students in face to face classroom settings.  The plan will be completed and ready to implement January 19th.  So, to clarify this part some of you have already contacted us and are ready to return on 1/4.  If you have not contacted us, you will be able to return sometime between January 4th and the beginning of the 2nd semester, January 19th.  


    I also wanted to make you are aware that a letter will be coming in the mail to those students who are not meeting grade level expectation.  Per the governor’s new order, students not meeting grade level expectations will return to face to face instruction on January 19th.  If you do not want your child to return and they are deemed as not meeting expectations, you must put your request to keep your child on-line, in writing.


    If your child is eligible to continue learning with MyPCS please be advised that there will be some dates in which your child will be required to report to campus this Spring for the Florida State Standards Assessment. We will provide you with these dates as they become available.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


    Monika Wolcott


    Lake St. George Elementary