About Our Program

  • We offer credit recovery services for high school students in grade 9th-12th. Students join our program for academic recovery in terms of graduation. This is not a GED program

    We offer two diploma types for students attending with us:

    • 18 Credit Diploma Option 
    • 24 Credit Diploma Option

    The 18 credit diploma option is for students interested in going directly into the career field. 

    The 24 credit diploma option is for students interested in going to college after high school.  

    Students receive an academic program plan specifically tailored to their needs. Our guidance department can provide me details regarding your students academic options.


    We do offer transportation for students within the following attendance zones: Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park, Seminole, and Osceola Funamental Area. 

    When new students begin with us, we submit a transportation request to the district transportation department. This request takes up to 72 hours to complete. Once the student is assigned a bus (if assigned), we send the information to the parent. If there is a discrepancy with transportation, you will have to follow up with them 727-587-2020. 

    Not all students attending qualify for bussing. If your student doesn't qualify for but lives 2 miles or more from the school we can provide them with a PSTA bus pass. 

    School Uniforms

    Students are required to come to school in dress code everyday. 

    Students must wear a polo shirt and solild color pants. The polo shirt can be any solid color. 

    Pants must also be a solid color free of any rips, holes, or tears. 

    No hoodies, rip jeans, flip flops, scandals, slides, hats, or gloves.