Financial Aid Information

  • General Information

    Financial aid, which consists of the Federal Pell Grant and various agency scholarships, is available to eligible students and is used to help students meet their educational expenses.

    For a complete list of eligibility requirements and application information visit


    Student aid reports may be subject to verification of information either as directed by the U.S. Department of Education or the financial aid specialist. Students are responsible to provide requested documentation before financial aid is disbursed. Documentation required may be financial, such as tax returns, or personal, such as social security cards and selective service registrations.

    Satisfactory Progress Requirements for Financial Aid Students

    Students on financial aid follow the institutions qualitative and quantitative guidelines.

    Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements and Minimum Attendance Requirements exist for each program. 

    Academic progress is calculated by dividing Standard Hours Completed by Enrolled Class Hours. 

    Attendance is calculated by dividing Hours Attended by Enrolled Class Hours. 

    Note: Pell Grant Awards will not exceed the standard number of clock hours of the program. Hours dropped during an enrollment period will reduce Pell Grant Awards and may delay Pell Grant disbursement.

    Return of Title IV Funds

    Title IV funds are awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded.

    If a recipient of Title IV grant funds withdraws from school prior to the point when he/she was scheduled to complete 60.01 % of the scheduled hours in the payment period for which assistance was awarded, the amount of Title IV grant assistance awarded to the student must be determined. If the amount disbursed to the student is greater than the amount the student earned, unearned funds must be returned. If the amount disbursed to the student is less than the amount the student earned, and for which the student is otherwise eligible, post withdrawal disbursement of the earned aid that was not received will be requested.

    Examples of the Return of Title IV Funds policy are available in the Financial Aid office.

    FAME ID Theft Prevention

    Pinellas Technical College uses FAME as a third-party affiliate to process Pell Grant awards, including disbursements.  Click here for more information on FAME's cybersecurity and ID theft prevention program.