• Areas of Instruction
    The majority of the elementary school curriculum focuses on English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science standards.  Social Studies standards are often integrated within the Language Arts instructional period.  Character Education is emphasized through class meetings and our P.A.W.S. behavior expectations.  Technology education is integrated into instructional activities through the use of iPads, laptops and/or SMARTboards.
    Special areas of instruction include Art, Music, and Physical Education.  All students attend classes taught by specialists in each of these areas.  Weekly, students attend Art and Music classes, and they participate in 150 minutes of Physical Education classes weekly. 
    Through our Gifted program, our school participates in a comprehensive enrichment program that will encourages students to engage in authentic project-based learning relating to their personal areas of interest.  This Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) exposes students to content area information that goes beyond or deeper than the regular elementary curriculum.  This enrichment model gives students the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge and skills by engaging in research and project development.  During the implementation of these enrichment activities, teachers act as facilitators of self-directed and/or cooperative learning groups led by students.