• Ridgecrest Volunteers Light the Way!


    Now hiring!  Top Pay!

    Your volunteer time is calculated as a benefit to students, the school, and the district at a rate of $19.13 per hour. Last year volunteers logged in over 11,000 hours for a benefit of over $200,000.


    Great Benefits!

    These include that great feeling you get by knowing you are helping make even a small difference in the life of a child.


    Flexible Hours!

    Volunteering can be anytime, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. If your schedule does not permit you to volunteer during the day, we have many take home projects you can do at home. All hours count whether you are at the school, on a field trip, or doing a cut and paste project at home. Many of last years 11,000 hours were by parents giving only a few hours here and there.


    Minimum Qualifications Needed!

    Anyone who is an approved registered volunteer with a willingness to help is welcome to assist at our school in various roles.  Some opportunities may require Level II volunteer credentials.  Please contact our community involvement assistant at 588-3580 for further information on how to become a registered volunteer or how to attain Level II credentials.



    Volunteer Opportunities


    Assist in the Media Center

    Our media center is in need of your help. Even if it's only a half hour to an hour per week, you can help us provide a stronger library program for our students. You will learn how to check out/in books, reshelve books, and help students with research. Volunteering in the media center will also help you to learn more about your child's school experience.  If you are able to volunteer in the media center, even for a short amount of time, please email our media specialist for more information. 

    Field Trip Chaperone

    Volunteer chaperones have the opportunity to enjoy museums, exhibits, musicals, and plays as they accompany students and teachers on field trips. Trips may involve free transportation on a bus and occasionally free admission tickets. Like all other volunteers, field trip drivers and chaperones must be registered volunteers.

    Front Office/Clerical

    Office/clerical assistants help staff members at our school. Duties may include typing, computer entry, copying, book-keeping, record keeping, telephone operator, as well as other office work.

    At Home Volunteering

    Most volunteering opportunities happen at school during school hours. Sometimes opportunities may occur for "at home." Volunteer projects such as classroom newsletters, phone recruiting, and teacher craft projects are available. Those who do any work from home should be registered volunteers and keep a log with the hours of service. 


    Mentors work with struggling students. They serve as role models, and are listening friends and companions. Mentors provide encouragement to a student needing to build self-esteem. Mentors usually work one on one with a student. 


    Tutors assist students on an individual basis or in small groups to reinforce basic skills in academic subjects. Placements are made with students from kindergarten through high school and with students in adult and community schools.

    Classroom Aide

    Classroom assistants work closely with classroom teachers or staff, assisting in various projects, preparing instructional materials and interacting with students.