• paw print Practice Respect

    Act Responsibly

    Work Together

    Stay Safe           


    We believe that students at Ridgecrest Elementary can treat one another with respect and make positive choices to create a safe learning environment by following the school rules and expectations.

    The acronym P.A.W.S. represents our school-wide behavioral expectations.  Our character/behavior committee chose this acronym because it relates to our school mascot - the panther, and it describes each integral quality of character expected for our students throughout our campus.  Early in the school year, discussions are held in class meetings and in assemblies regarding our school-wide P.A.W.S. program, encouraging students to demonstrate a school-wide expectation.  Emphasis is placed on what acceptable P.A.W.S. behavior looks and sounds like in all areas of our school, as well as student representation off-campus.

    In order to reinforce students and classes demonstrating P.A.W.S. behaviors, faculty and staff members reward individuals or classes panther paws cards.  All paws are contributed to a classroom P.A.W.S. receptacle and are counted at the end of each month.  When classes have earned certain benchmark numbers of panther paws, the class will earn various motivational celebrations.  Our P.A.W.S. program encourages classes to work together to create a great PAWS-itive learning community at Ridgecrest!