Admissions Process, Requirements and Criteria

  •  Clearwater Campus

    General admissions process:
    • Take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).
      • Students with an Associates degree or higher from an approved accredited college or university are exempt from taking the TABE.  Please provide documentation of degree prior to enrolling.
    • See counselor to discuss TABE results, additional program requirements, and breakdown of program fees.  No appointment necessary.
    • Review the Essential Functions form for program of interest.  Students must be able to perform all of the essential functions; however, accommodations may be available if accompanied with proper medical documentation.  Please see a counselor for further information.
    • Complete program interview or shadowing.  Some programs have specific days and/or dress codes for shadowing, so please speak with a counselor before coming in.
    • Apply for financial aid, if necessary.
      • To apply online, visit  The School Codes for Pinellas Technical College are:  005605(Clearwater campus) and 013917 (St. Petersburg campus).  Students can also obtain an application from the Financial Aid office.
      • Pell does not cover all expenses; students will have to pay out of pocket for some fees.
      • Once notification of eligibility is received (typically 3-5 business days), speak with a financial aid specialist.
    • If using an outside funding agency (CareerSource, Voc Rehab, etc.), provide all paperwork to the agency.
    • Complete a registration form and pay all applicable fees.
      • Students must provide two forms of documentation for proof of residency when they register (driver license, state issued ID, voter registration card, vehicle registration, etc.).

    General information:

    • Students must be at least 16 years of age and not currently enrolled in high school.
    • Most of our programs start five times per school year:  August, October, January, April, and June. 

    Please speak with a counselor for further information.