• Mission: The mission of the Alumni Association of Pinellas Technical College is to actively recruit prospective and former students, to promote academic scholarship and workplace readiness, to improve student retention through mentorship, and to facilitate social and professional networking that fosters life-long engagement in campus initiatives.

    Vision: It is the vision of the Alumni Association to form lasting relationships between graduates, students, and the technical college.

    About Us

    Who we are: The Alumni Association is a meaningful collaboration of Pinellas Technical College alumni who work hand in hand with Pinellas Technical College staff and community partners. Having been a staple in the community for many years, Pinellas Technical College can boast an alumni network and community impact that spans a broad range of industries and experiences. Consequently, our leadership and alumni reflects the diversity that can be found in our student community.

    What we do: By leveraging the powerful resources we have as an Alumni Association, we will engage former students, provide a forum for alumni to celebrate their successes, to network with one another, and to attract prospective students who can benefit from our diverse course offerings. We work to advance the four pillars outlined in the mission statement of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association will host events designed to acquaint the community with the services and opportunities available to those who successfully completed our programs. We will coordinate gatherings that are both relevant and appealing to the interests of the members of the association. The many attractive attributes of the career technical and life enrichment courses we offer need to be highlighted throughout the county with increased zeal. The Alumni Association will aid in the active dissemination of information and continued dialogue regarding the relevance of the Technical College in the community.

    Why we do it: Pinellas Technical College has served the community since 1962 and has been able to make a positive impact in the lives of Pinellas County residents desiring to have a positive role in the workforce and in their community. Though the opportunities to obtain a post-secondary education are many, we know that our technical college offers tuition rates that are both affordable and competitive. We are the most appropriate institution of higher learning for large numbers of Pinellas County residents who need specialized education for a high paying career. Further, we pride ourselves on the numerous, nationally recognized technical certifications we offer that can make the difference in the hiring process. We exist to support the mission and vision of Pinellas Technical College and to ensure this technical college’s legacy of promoting workplace competencies in Pinellas County for years to come.

    For more information, please contact Kyesha Robinson at 727-538-7167 extension 2002 or email
    Congratulations on completing your program and embarking on a new career!