Digital Video Production

  • Digital Video Production
    Length 1,500 Hours
    Admissions Contact Nancy Stevens -
    Course Information B. Copeland - 727-893-2500 ext. 2585
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    Mission: The mission of this program is to prepare students for employment in the digital video production industry to include but not limited to: 

    • Broadcast and cable stations and networks
    • Government and education communications
    • Corporate marketing, sales, training and communications
    • Private video, web and multimedia production and presentation companies
    • And other emerging technology companies

    Students will learn about the digital video production industry while mastering the operations of all aspects of studio and field equipment and workflows.

    Program I100240 consists of a planned sequence of courses.

    Production Assistant - Course RTT0530 (150 hours) – Students will learn the fundamentals of digital video which provides the basis for future and ever-changing technologies. The many different types of audio and video and their purposes will be emphasized.

    Audio and Video Equipment Technician - Course RTT0531 (150 hours) – Students will demonstrate their skills in using various equipment and workflows for studio based projects.

    Camera Operator - Course RTT0532 (300 hours) – Students will demonstrate their skills in using studio and field equipment in delivering effective audio and video for editing and post production.The program’s large state-of-the-art studio allows for student productions, as well as real world projects.

    Video Editor - Course RTT0533 (300 hours) – Students will use all available audio and video resources to edit various projects for distribution to various end users. The digital editing and post production equipment available in the program allow students to distribute their production in any number of medias including broadcast and cable, Web, DVD and CD.

    Multi-Media Artist - Course RTT0534 (300 hours) – Students will use all available resources to produce multi-dimensional projects for presentation.

    Broadcast Technician - Course RTT0525 (300 hours) – Students will master all equipment and workflows by managing complete productions and crews to create final projects for distribution for various medias. The high-end location equipment available in the program allows for students to produce projects for high skill, high wage employment.

    Special Admission Requirements: Due to the physical nature of the work, students must be able to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds and may be required to stand or sit for extended periods of time.

    Distance Education: Not available at this time

    Articulation Agreement(s):

    • St. Petersburg College Digital Arts, Media and Interactive Web Design (Digital Video Production Sub-Plan), A.S. Degree

    Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement:  70%

    Minimum Attendance Requirement:  70%

    Basic Skills Entrance/Exit Requirements:  Student's competency in reading, math, and language is pre-assessed using the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).  Required basic skills grade levels are: Reading-9, Math-9, and Language-9.

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