100% Student Success



Educate and prepare each student for a life of purpose



      Commitment to children, families and the community

            • Making decisions and committing resources to attain each student’s success

            • Seeking out and connecting with families and community

       Respectful and caring relationships

            • Establishing positive relationships based on trust and respect

            • Valuing the contributions of all stakeholders

            • Using our schools vision to guide intentions, motives and actions

       Cultural competence

             • Understanding individual differences

             • Capitalizing on the beneficial value these differences bring to our school

             • Honoring the values, rights and responsibilities of each individual

             • Developing age respectful expectations of students


             • Maintaining the highest standards of behavior, ethics, fairness and honesty with ourselves and others

             • Committing to doing the right things for the right reasons

             • Having a proactive and positive attitude

             • Demonstrating fairness in our judgments and action

             • Creating a safe, risk free environment


             • Fulfilling commitments and promises through fact-based decision-making and problem solving

             • Taking ownership of our own behaviors

             • Seeking opportunities for continuous improvement

             • Collaborating to meet common goals


             • Teaming through internal and external partnerships

             • Aligning efforts for the common purpose of each student’s success

             • Willingness to share and transfer knowledge with others