School Bus Information

  • General Bus Information


    The school does not design the bus routes, assign students to specific routes, or set the stop locations.  This is done by the Transportation Department. The school’s primary involvement is the assigning of assistants to ensure student safety on the buses and to develop bus plans to help students behave in a safe manner on the bus.   


    Call Transportation at 727-587-2020 when . . .


    • A bus is late in the morning or afternoon and you want to know when it will arrive at your house.


    • My child is out and will be for an extended time and I will not need the bus. Tell them to put a hold on the stop until you notify them your student will be returning to school. Then call a couple of days before your student is ready to return.


    • A bus driver is driving in an unsafe manner. They will need the route number on the bus window, or even better the number on the bus.  Also, they will want the time and location you saw the bus.


    • You have questions about your bus route or its times.



    Call Lori Godek, Assistant Principal, at school (725-7982) when . . .


    • You have concerns about an assistant or a driver.


    • You have questions about the use of harnesses, wheelchair clamps, etc.


    • You have concerns about your student’s safety on the bus.



    REMINDER:  Please have your student ready for the bus 10 minutes ahead of time in the morning.  In the afternoon whoever is meeting your student should be at the stop 10 minutes before the assigned time.  When no one is there, you risk your student being returned to school, and you will have to come to Paul B. Stephens to get your child.