Additional Handbook Information for Parents

  • Absences

    A note explaining a student's absence is expected the day the student returns to school.  Parents must make contact with the school when their student will be absent for ANY reason.  Class work is required to be made up during or after an excused absence according to arrangements made with the teacher.  Absences for trips are unexcused absences.  After 3 unexcused absences per attendance period, a warning letter will be sent to the parent.  After 7 tardies, the student will be recommended to the IAC.  When a student has 5 unexcused absences, the school social worker will make contact with the family.  If unexcused absences continue, the student will be referred to the State Attorney's office.

    Parent Volunteers

    Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom.  Please call or make arrangements either with your student's teacher or through the school office before volunteering.  It is important that we know who is in our building at all times and the purpose for the visit.  It is not permissible for preschool children to visit classrooms during the regular school day or to be with the parent at school while the parent is volunteering.  All visitors MUST check in at the front office with a valid driver's license in order to be issued a visitor's badge.
    Volunteers are an important asset to TSFES.  By volunteering, we strengthen our abilities to help students.  We appreciate any volunteer hours you can offer throughout the year.  You will receive a volunteer registration at Back-to-School night.  This form should be returned to the volunteer coordinator, notifying the school of  the areas in which you feel that you will be able to lend support.  All volunteers must be registered volunteers and must check-in at the front office.  Level II Volunteer registration is required for driving on field trips and for other specific volunteer opportunities.  Please ask the volunteer coordinator for more information on this requirement.  An office-issued identification sticker or ID badge must be worn when volunteering on or off campus.  Volunteers are requested to wear appropriate attire.  Younger siblings cannot accompany a volunteer.
    Be sure to record your volunteer hours on the volunteer computer or volunteer log in the front office.  Remember to include any volunteer work done at home.

    Parent/PTA Meetings

    Parents are required to attend all Parent-Teacher association (PTA) meetings.  Attendance at a SAC meeting does not substitute for attending a PTA meeting.  Any changes in the meeting dates, times, or locations will be announced in the school newsletter.  If your child must attend, he/she must remain with you at all times.  Several PTA meetings are specifically designed for adults only.  Details about PTA meetings will be published in the monthly PTA newsletter.
    Meetings will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. Cards must be picked up no later than 7:15 p.m. Meetings last approximately one hour and parents are expected to be present for the entire meeting.  The president will adjourn the meeting.  Sign-in cards will be collected.  Be sure to turn in your card at that time.  Arriving late, leaving early, or failure of a parent to sign or return the card the evening of the meeting will result in the meeting being counted as "unattended."
    If circumstances arise which make it  impossible for a parent to attend a required meeting, a representative (18 years or older) may be sent.  This representative may not be a parent or teacher at the school and may represent only one family.  It is the parent's responsibility to make the representative aware of all obligations, including arriving on time, signing the card, and staying until the meeting has ended.  Parents may send a representative to only 2 meetings.  If a parent must exercise this option, they must notify the principal prior to the meeting.  It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make the representative aware of all obligations.  Once a student is placed on probation, a representative may NOT attend.
    After 1 missed meeting, a reminder letter will be sent to the family.  After 2 missed meetings, the family will be placed on probation.  A 3rd missed meeting results in referral to the Intervention and Appeals committee with the possibility of referral to the Student Assignment Office for reassignment.
    If the family is reassigned for non-attendance for parent meetings, they may not reapply at any Fundamental elementary, middle, or high schools.


    If a student must leave school before dismissal, the parent must pick the student up from the front office.  No student is to leave the school grounds at any time without permission from the office staff.


    When certain safety issues arise, the school will be put in a lockdown, during which time no one may leave or enter the building.  This is an unusual circumstance and is only used to ensure everyone's safety.  If such a lockdown is in place during dismissal, no parent may enter the school and no students will be dismissed until the lockdown is lifted by local law enforcement officials.

    Severe Weather

    Each school in Pinellas County is equipped with a Plectron unit & weather radio which relay information from the district's weather center.  When weather becomes threatening, schools receive weather reports periodically.  All students wear emergency tags during a tornado watch.  If a watch becomes a warning, we will normally go to the duck and cover locations.  Duck and cover is used only when extreme conditions exist.
    Due to the imminent danger, students will not be dismissed during a tornado warning.  If a parent comes to school while students are in duck and cover positions, he or she must stay in the main office.  If you wish to take your child with you, you must sign them out in the office.  You may not take any child but your own.  You may not pick up students in your car pool unless you are listed on the child's office card.  This procedure is in place so that we can provide the safest possible environment and keep track of  the students for whom we are responsible.

    Field Trips

    Each student must return a permission form signed by his/her parent  or guardian in order to go on the trip.  Drivers for field trips must have an approved vehicle and complete an insurance form.  Please check with the office for a list of acceptable vehicles before planning to drive on a field trip.  All children must be in seat belts when being transported on a field trip.  Children under 13 years of age are not permitted to sit in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger air bag.  Drivers may have only students registered at TSFES with them on the trip.  No other student, including siblings, may attend.  No stops are allowed on the way to the field trip or on the way back to school.
    If a bus is chosen as the method of transportation, all students must ride the bus to participate in the field trip.  Students may not be taken from the field trip by any adult, including their parents.  Students whose parents sign permission allowing them to participate must leave from and return to TSFES as a part of the class group.  
    All money for field trips should be turned in by the class due date.  If you are asked to donate an amount of money for a trip and cannot afford to do so, please contact Dr. Meils at least three days in advance.


    Two parties will be planned for students during the school year.  Food must be "store bought," not home made.  Parties should offer educational and social experiences for the students.  Individual student birthdays are not celebrated with a class party at school.


    A Florida law was passed to encourage schools to assist with nutritional health issues facing our students.  Therefore, we no longer acknowledge students' birthdays with food.  As per Florida State Law, NO birthday invitations may be distributed at school.  We provide a school directory that may be used to mail invitations.  Parents are requested not to bring food items, flowers, balloons, or other gifts for birthday celebrations.

    Permanent Records

    An active record of each student's progress is kept at school.  The student's records remain after he/she graduates.  The major items found in the permanent record include the following:
    • Original registration papers
    • Grades the student has earned
    • Physical & Immunization records
    • Standardized Test Scores
    Parents may view these records by making an appointment with Dr. Meils through the school office.