School Uniforms

  •  School Attire for 2021-2022 School Year



    • White, Navy Blue, Light Blue, or Red Polos


    • Navy Blue or Khaki Bottoms

    You may be able to find uniform clothing/color options at the following stores:

    • Order Online at         Rainbow-Kids             Target               Wal-Mart

    Safety (Footwear & Accessories):

    • Footwear must be safe and appropriate for indoor or outdoor physical activity. 
    • Belts must be worn to secure pants always and Uniform shirts should be tucked in always.

    Winter/Inclement Weather:

    • Jackets/Coats worn to school cannot be worn during instruction, the classroom climate will be adjusted for comfortable learning so that use during class isn’t necessary.
    • Acceptable items that can be worn during class include Solid Navy or Light Blue Sweatshirts – NO HOODIES or HATS worn inside the building! (Unless for medical/religious reasons.)

    Spirit Days:

    • Jeans are NOT to be worn unless specifically approved for special events.