High School Volunteers

  • Opportunities for Volunteer Hours

    We welcome high school students that want to give back and serve at their neighborhood school. High school students can help demonstrate skills, knowledge, and a positive attitude to encourage the importance of education to our students. Below are some of the volunteer opportunities available for high school students to help make a difference in education of students at Seminole Middle School.

    high schoolers

    • Classroom Assistant
    • Tutor or Peer to Peer Mentor (requires permission from Guidance Counselor)
    • Special Events


    Students are required to complete a volunteer registration form prior to beginning any volunteer work.


    Policies and Procedures for High School Volunteers

    Seminole Middle requires high school volunteers to follow a few simple policies and procedures to get started volunteering, and while serving on our campus.

    To Get Started

    • All student volunteers must have completed a volunteer registration form and submitted it to our Family Community Liaison, Michelle Alfred, at the front office; or be active in the Volunteer Focus System.

    • If volunteering in a classroom, for a special event, or as a tutor, students must receive permission from the teacher and set up an agreeable schedule.

    • Peer to peer mentors must have permission from their high school Guidance Counselor, as well as the Family and Community Liaison and/or Guidance Counselor at Seminole Middle School.

    Coming On Campus

    • Students should have an email confirming their volunteer assignment from the Family Community Liaison, or the teacher they are assisting, once they have been approved to volunteer. You will need to show this email to our front desk clerk to be allowed on campus.

    • Students should always be in Seminole Middle School dress code!

    • Students report to the front office and will then be directed to the area behind the front desk to sign in (in book) and pick up their name badge (which must be visible while on campus).

    • Students are to leave their backpacks and cell phones in the sign in area, and should not take them to the classrooms.

    • Before leaving, students should sign out (in book), leave name badge, and pick up their personal belongings. Log hours in the Volunteer Focus System – instructions can be found in the office and it is recommended that you complete this prior to leaving. Hours will be verified through the Volunteer Focus System for Bright Futures and classroom credit!