School Health Services

  • Our Mission:

    "The mission of School Health Services is to provide high quality services to our students and families to promote a safe and healthy school environment that supports effective learning."

    School Health Services Goals:

    • Increase student academic achievement
    • Improve oversight of chronic health conditions
    • Reduce health-related emergencies
    • Decrease health-related absences

    School Health Services Staff Roles:

    Registered Nurses (RN) who oversee the administration of health services in the school setting. The RN is the only member of the educational team who is legally qualified, trained, and capable of assessing the health needs of the student. Every school will have a Registered Nurse on campus 1 to 5 days each week depending on the needs of the students at the school.

    Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) assist the RN in providing student health services. LPNs work under the general supervision of the RN and help to gather health information and monitor student's response to care. Schools are assigned an LPN based on the needs of the students in the school.

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    For more information, contact: 
    Sara O'Toole, BSN, RN
    Director, Nursing and Medical Services
    Contact the office at 588-6320

    Administration Building
    301 Fourth Street SW
    Largo, FL  33770
    Phone: (727) 588-6320 

School Health Services Contacts

  • Sara O'Toole, BSN, RN

    Director, Nursing and Medical Services

    (727) 588-6052


    Tracey Conklin

    Clerk Specialist II

    (727) 588-6320