Foster Care Liaison & Center Social Workers

  • Foster Care Liaison

    The Foster Care Liason provides support and consultation to the agencies that handle child abuse investigations (Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Child Protection Investigations Division), protective services and foster care (Eckerd Community Alternatives). The Liaison engages with school staff and the service agencies to improve communication and create processes to support the needs of students who may become involved with these systems.

    Center Social Workers

    Center Social Workers conduct many of the same services as Itinerant Social Workers. They are the primary provider of counseling as a related service, either in groups or individually, and often exceed the minimum of what is specified on the IEP. They also provide classroom lessons, smaller groups, attendance programs/incentives, social skills, character education, bullying, anger management, relaxation, study skills, teacher support and consultation, etc.

    For more information concerning these addtional support services, contact the office of School Social Work at (727) 588-6355.