• Tobacco Clinic


    The Tobacco Clinic is presented in partnership with Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. It is designed to provide education to students using vape circuitry, marijuana, and tobacco products. This clinic is offered as an alternative to community cessation programs – which are not designed for adolescents. The clinic offers cessation information in an educational format – with the goal of providing information for students to make an informed decision.  

    This program is not a scare tactic. "Nothing happens to everyone" is often repeated throughout the program. Consequences of using these products are random. The course curriculum and materials are intended to be thought provoking to the students. The program touches on topics pertaining to student product use; health risks; ingredients found in the multitude of popular products; economics; pros and cons of using; circulatory, pulmonary, reproductive systems, etc. This strategy provides the students with the opportunity to make their own educated health choices to discontinue use of these items now, in the future, or to continue using them.  

    The clinic consists of two, two-hour online classes that occur on a consecutive Tuesday and Thursday evening each month. Participants must attend both classes in succession; an adult must attend both classes with the youth; cameras must be on at all times; participation is required. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in removal from the program and additional progressive disciplinary action.

    *Taken from the course overview written by Iris Merryweather – lead facilitator with Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.  



    If you are the parent/caregiver of a youth that has been referred to the Tobacco Clinic program for an offense that occurred at school or a school-related event, you may register them online or by calling the Prevention Office.

    To register your student online, please click the following link, complete, and submit the form.


    To register them over the phone, please call the Social Work Office at (727) 588-6355. Within 3 school-days of registration, you will receive a confirmation email from the program coordinator containing information about the program, specific dates and times, and class rules/expectations. 

    Tobacco Clinic Program Coordinator
    Ryan Sturm
    (727) 588-5119