School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

    Pinellas County Schools has a School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), made up of a broad cross-section of parents, students, and school, health, business and community leaders.  Together, the SHAC serves as problem-solvers and advisors to the school district on health related issues.  SHAC can also identify needs and opportunities to maximize community resources.
    Now more than ever, students face new challenges and risks.  These challenges and risks affect their physical and emotional health and the quality of their future.  They need parents along with community, health and school representatives to be involved.  Educators realize that a child's physical, emotional, social and mental health directly affects behaviors and learning.
    Experience has shown that when schools join parents and the community together, there is a great positive impact on the health and education of our students.
    SHAC uses the Coordinated School Health Model, which is the integration of:
    • Comprehensive school health education
    • Physical education
    • School health services
    • Nutrition services
    • Counseling, psychological and social services
    • Health school environment
    • School-site health promotion for staff and employees
    • Family and community involvement.