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    Map and Directions

    3301 Bentley Dr.
    Palm Harbor, Fl 34684

    School Hours 9:40 AM to 4:10 PM
    Office Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

    To report an absence, call the grade level office:
    6th grade - Mrs. Tight x 2113

    7th grade - Mrs. Hoisington x 2116

    8th grade - Mrs. Bateman x 2108

    For address changes or information on Parent Portal:

    Data Management - Mrs. Giaccone  x 2105

    To schedule a conference with teachers or to discuss your student's progress, please call the grade level guidance counselor:
    6th grade - Mrs. Simmons x 2114

    7th grade - Ms. Rocafort x 2118

    8th grade - Mrs. Laird x 2110

    butterfly garden  

    Bell Schedule

    Click here to get a printable version of the 2020-21 Bell schedule

      1st lunch   2nd lunch   3rd lunch   4th lunch
    Period  Time Period Time Period Time Period Time
    1 9:40 – 10:33 1 9:40 – 10:33 1 9:40 – 10:33 1 9:40 – 10:33
    2 10:36 - 11:23 2 10:36 - 11:23 2 10:36 - 11:23 2 10:36 - 11:23
    Lunch 11:26 - 11:56 3 11:26 – 12:13 3 11:26 – 12:13 3 11:26 – 12:13
    3 11:59 -12:46 Lunch  12:16-12:46 4 12:16 - 1:03 4 12:16 - 1:03
    4 12:49 - 1:36 4 12:49 - 1:36 Lunch  1:06-1:36 5 1:06-1:53
    5 1:39 - 2:26 5 1:39 - 2:26 5 1:39 - 2:26 Lunch  1:56-2:26
    6 2:29 - 3:16 6 2:29 - 3:16 6 2:29 - 3:16 6 2:29 - 3:16
    7 3:19 - 4:10 3:19 - 4:10 3:19 - 4:10 3:19 - 4:10

    School Goals and Mission Statement

    • Our Vision 

      Carwise Middle School's vision is 100% student success.

      Our Mission

      The mission of Carwise Middle is to provide a world-class education for students preparing them for high school graduation, post-secondary opportunities including college, vocational training and the world of work. 

      Our Core Values

      The core values of Carwise Middle School are to provide a safe environment for learning, while working together to develop a world-wide perspective that ensures students become knowledgeable, skilled, responsible, and accountable leaders in their future endeavors. 


      School Goals:

      Highest Student Achievement
      For all students to be at their appropriately determined grade level in reading, writing, math, and science using best practices including technology.

      Highest Student Achievement will be accomplished by implementing an Integrated Management System, developing a High Performing Workforce, building a relationship with Partners, and assuring a Safe Learning Environment.

      Safe Learning Environment
      To promote student respect of the learning environment and an accident free work environment.

      Carwise Middle School Outcomes:
      We want our students to become:

      • effective communicators
      • collaborative workers
      • creative thinkers and problem solvers
      • self-directed learners
      • community contributors
      • social interactors
      • quality producers 
    The concept of Carwise Middle School is based on the principles of quality and Classroom Learning Systems (CLS) for teaching, and the concept of student empowerment to develop self-directed students for learning.

    We also identify technology and the arts as important components of preparing students for the future.
    butterfly garden Points of Pride
    • Five Star School designation 1997-present
    • Outstanding volunteers, mentors and tutors – “Five Star School” rating.
    • Superior rated band, chorus and orchestra
    • Annual participation in the Music USA Festival in Orlando
    • Our Musical Theatre class presents a performance annually
    • A+ School
    • 97% of our Algebra students passed the EOC
    • 100% of our Geometry students passed the EOC
    • All lower level students are enrolled in Reading/Math intervention classes
    • All Intensive Math teachers are rated Highly Effective and are trained in Voyager Math
    • Student operated cable Carwise TV network
    • • Builders Club/Service Learning students and Carwise students help Clothes To Kids, F.E.A.S.T., Goodwill BookWorks, and Ronald McDonald House with donations of clothing, food, $10,000 from LEAD2FEED Award, Change for Children $ for FEAST, early learning books (100 last year) and can tabs.
    • Many opportunities for enrichment and or tutoring in our ELP (Extended Learning Program)
    • Allocation of technology to all subject areas and where it is needed daily (including CBT testing).
    Special Services and Programs
    • Parent/Student/Teacher Association (PTSA)
    • School Advisory Council (SAC)
    • National Junior Honor Society
    • Student Council
    • Sunshine State Readers
    • Book-Talk festival
    • Battle of the Books
    • Band: Jazz/Strings/Orchestra
    • Chorus: Concert Choir/All State Chorus
    • Musical Theater / Annual Theatre Production
    • Multicultural Club
    • Service Learning Class/Builders Club
    • Journalism
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Cheerleading
    • Track
    • Read 180/Intensive Reading
    • VE model of inclusion to meet the needs of all exceptional education students
    shark trail1 Carwise Middle School’s Positive Behavior Plan
    • Bus Bucks

      Carwise is working with transportation to let our School Bus drivers reward students for being safe and responsible bus riders. Drivers get to select 2-3 riders a week that exhibit responsible behaviors and give them "Bus Bucks". The Bucks are then turned in during lunch and redeemed for treats.

    • Carwise Express Card

      Students with good grades and good conduct will receive a Carwise Express Card. This allows them to get out of class (with teacher permission) 2 minutes early to go to lunch, as well as 2 minutes early at end of the day dismissal.
      Student must have no grade lower than a “C”.
      Student must earn no conduct grade lower than an “S”.
      Student must earn at least 1 “E” in conduct in an academic class. This includes Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, or Reading in 6th grade.

      The administrative team will also put out an additional list of students who are not to receive cards due to other behaviors that have occurred on School Board Property. Students are responsible for these cards and they are not replaced if lost or damaged. Carwise Express cards must be in the students possession in order to allow them to leave early.

    • Kiddos

      Any student who is “caught” by a Carwise Staff member going above and beyond in demonstrating good character will receive a "Kiddos". Such character traits include respect, responsibility, cooperation, citizenship, kindness, self-motivation, tolerance, honesty, self-control, caring, courage and patriotism. In addition to the many fun goodies students will receive when they earn a KIDDOS, they will also be entered into a weekly drawing on our announcements to see which of the students who have earned a Kiddos also wins a $10 gift card to the movies!

    • Shark Bite Tokens

      Students demonstrating the Carwise Middle School Expectations:
    • Be Respectful.
    • Be Responsible.
    • Be Safe.
    • Be Committed to Success.
      will have the opportunity to earn a “Shark Bite” token. Students will put their name on their token and put it into our “Shark Bite” container. Every week, names will be drawn out of this container for students to win a free cookie, smoothie or pencil. Every grading period, names will be drawn for students to win lunch outside with a friend and a homework pass. Additionally, at the end of the year one name will be drawn for a student to be “Principal for the Day”. These tokens will be given randomly to students throughout the year by faculty who notice them following the above expectations which will be more clearly defined to the students through weekly lesson plans.
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