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    Year- long courses:
    Advanced Academics (students must be staffed into the Gifted program to take this course.)
    The gifted program in middle school is an enrichment program which advances the learning and expands the experiences of gifted students exposing them to topics grade levels ahead of the regular course work. Throughout the three years of middle school the class focuses on thematic units such as psychology, archaeology, sociology, inventions, advertising, mythology, history, mystery, literature and creative thinking using a wide range of technology and media.

    Art education - 8th Grade only
    Students will further strengthen their art skills through extensive art projects while working in a wide variety of mediums. They will also be required to keep a sketchbook with ongoing practice assignments throughout the year.

    Choral music program

    Be part of the award winning Carwise Chorus Family! We sing a variety of music such as Classical, Multi-Cultural, Pop, Rock, Broadway, Gospel, and Jazz, to name a few. We take field trips to perform at theme parks such as Universal Studios, and we perform around the Tampa Bay area.

    CHORUS 1- 6th grade -Mixed Voices (Boys and Girls)

    NON COMPETITIVE     No experience necessary

    CHORUS 2- 7th and 8th grade -Treble Voices (Girls) COMPETITIVE                

    MUST HAVE MRS. MOSS’ PERMISSION and have Choral Experience

    CHORUS 3- 7th and 8th grade -Mixed Voices (Boys and Girls) COMPETITIVE      

    MUST HAVE MRS. MOSS’ PERMISSION and have Choral Experience

    EXPLORING MUSIC PERFORMANCE -7th and 8th grade (Boys and Girls) NON COMPETITIVE   No experience necessary.  

    Any 7th and 8th grader can be in this choir even existing chorus students.

    MUSIC THEATER – 7th and 8th Grade (Boys and Girls)

    MUST HAVE MRS. MOSS’ PERMISSION and be enrolled in a Chorus, Band or Orchestra Class 

    It is possible to be a part of 2 Chorus classes! If you love to sing…sing twice a day!

    Drama – 7th and 8th graders
    This class will build on the basic skills from the semester elective and further develop acting skills. Although the semester-long elective is not a prerequisite, students without previous experience should have a strong commitment to the performing arts. This class will produce and perform an annual production each Spring.

    Instrumental music program
    Do you play a musical instrument? Do you want to learn one? Do you want to be part of a consistently award winning music program? Sign up for band or strings!!
    Band: Woodwinds: flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone
    Brass: trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba
    Percussion: snare and bass drums, bells, xylophone, timpani, etc…
    • Band 1 – (all grades)
    • Band 2 - (7th or 8th grade)
    • Band 3 - (7th or 8th grade)
    • Jazz Band - (7th or 8th grade) Must be in band 2 or 3 with recommendation of the teacher.
    • Orchestra (strings): violin, viola, cello, string bass
    Any experience is great, but not necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know. This includes reading music as well as how to hold and play your instruments.
    Select school instruments are available to rent. No student will be denied if they have the desire to learn and the commitment to practice.

    Introduction to Information Technology (8th Grade only)
    Students will create a career research portfolio and will work towards industry certification in Microsoft Office products.  This course is designed to provide an introduction to information technology concepts and careers as well as the impact information technology has on the world, people, and industry and basic web design concepts.  This course is a High School credit.

    Library Assistant
    Learn what it takes to organize and run a library. Library assistants run the circulation desk, fix and deliver technology equipment, shelve, organize and inventory books, and help students with computer usage.

    Musical Theatre music program (Students must also be enrolled in band, chorus or orchestra in order to be considered for this year long performing class.)
    This class will produce and perform the annual dinner theater in May.

    Year-long Physical Education (2 semesters of PE rather than the State required semester)
    P.E. class all year long

    Spanish I (students are required to have an FCAT Reading level 3 or higher and no final grade lower than a B in 6th grade)
    Spanish 1 is an introduction to Spanish class for students who are just beginning to learn the language. This class will establish a foundation for future success in Spanish by developing the four essential skills of learning Spanish: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    Spanish II
    A class for students who will continue to develop language skills in the four areas of communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This class builds on the foundation set in Spanish I. Students will learn how to communicate in everyday situations. They will learn key grammatical principles including reflexive verbs, direct and indirect pronouns and the preterite tense.

    Spanish Intermediate
    This class is designed for students that have completed the Spanish I course, but did not receive high school credit, or students that already completed an Introduction to Spanish course. The class will reinforce grammatical principles, including conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, prepositions and a variety of vocabulary to be used in writing and speaking.

    Student Assistant – (application required and available in the grade level offices.)
    Student assistants work in the various school offices and facilities. They run errands, help with filing, alphabetizing and organizing. Applications are accepted for main office, grade level offices (6, 7, 8) and P.E. and Science assistants. Students must be responsible.
    Web Design
    Students in Web Design class learn the fundamentals of coding an HMTL  and CSS documents.  They will learn how to maneuver and create web pages using DreamWeaver in Adobe Creative Cloud and also touch on the basics of Photoshop Creative Cloud.
    Semester-long courses
    Art education
    This is a creative class where students work in a variety of mediums, including pencil, paint, clay and sculpture.

    Computer Technology
    All students need to know technology.  Learn about computers and use Microsoft Office computer programs. If you want to improve your keyboarding and technology skills, take this class.

    Debate (8th graders only)
    Not for the shy type, the debate elective is open to all eighth grade students willing to speak out in a crowd. Offered as a one semester opportunity, debate will allow you to explore many controversial and conversation-worthy topics dealing with politics, social issues, as well as issues that affect teens and young people all over the world. While honing your research skills, you will become well versed in the art of argumentation and debate. Students will learn a variety of speaking strategies and will work alone and on teams to prepare and deliver debate points and rebuttal rounds. We will finish off the semester with a debate tournament in the LIC where you can show off your newfound skills to your peers, your teachers and even your parents. Sign up for the class your classmates are talking about.

    Introductory Drama (6th grade)
    This class will include improvisation exercises, acting games, and short in-class performances. It is designed to improve verbal expression, enhances speaking and listening skills, builds body awareness, increases interpersonal intelligence, and boosts self-confidence.

    Family & Consumer Sciences

    This class was founded in 1909 and known at the time as Home Economics. While much has changed over the years, the practical life application of our course content remains the same. We strive to stay true to the roots of this subject while updating the content for students of a modern era. Students do not have to take the class each year; different skills are presented at each grade level and are taught independently of each other. Below is a description of which topics and activities are covered in each grade level.

    6th Grade Exploring Family & Consumer Sciences

    This course is designed to introduce students to the various disciplines within the Family and Consumer Sciences field. By the end of this course, students will have a foundational understanding of food preparation and nutrition, basic hand sewing techniques and small repairs, caring for clothing, and interior design concepts. Activities students will experience are working as a group to set the table, washing dishes by hand, measuring ingredients, reading and following recipes, washing and ironing clothing properly, creating a hand embroidered project and a 3-D model bedroom.

    7th Grade Exploring Family & Consumer Sciences

    This course is designed to introduce students to the various disciplines within the Family and Consumer Sciences field. By the end of this course, students will have a foundational understanding of food preparation and nutrition, factors which influence clothing choices, the evolution of fashion through the 20th century and its influence on clothing choices of today, how to evaluate competent consumer choices relating to clothing, identifying lifestyles, needs, values, and goals related to housing, and identifying common American architecture styles. 

    8th Grade Culinary Careers

    The purpose of this course is to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals and to provide information regarding careers related to the culinary industry.  The content includes, but is not limited to, an exploration of careers in the culinary industry, food safety and sanitation, safe and proper use of culinary tools/equipment, interpreting recipes and developing menus, basic food preparation skills, front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house responsibilities, artistic presentation of food, and the use of technology in the culinary field.  Instruction and learning activities are provided in a laboratory setting using hands-on experiences with the equipment, materials, and technology appropriate to the course content and in accordance with current industry practices. Students also receive their Safe Staff Industry Certification which will allow them to work in the food industry.


    P.E. (Physical Education) – Note: State required, unless opting to waiver out. Do not select this elective if you are selecting the year-long P.E. elective. This P.E. class is for one semester only.