Physical Education waiver

  • One semester of physical education is required in grades 6, 7, and 8.  A parent/guardian may request a waiver for their student to opt them out of the requirement.  This option should be utilized at the parent request only. There are two ways for which a parent may opt their student out of the physical education requirement.  

    1. The student’s parent indicates in writing to the school that the student enroll in another course from among those courses offered as options by the school district. 
    2. The student’s parent indicates in writing to the school that the student is participating in physical activities outside the school day which are equal to or in excess of the mandated requirement.


    6th, 7th and 8th graders can waive PE

    7th graders who wish to waive PE must also take the Health Elective online to allow for a yearlong or paired elective. There is no pairing for Health if the student has waived PE. Must do both for another elective option.


    Beginning last school year, the waiver form is only available online.  Paper forms are no longer valid.  These waivers may be accessed through the following process:

    Click here to log-in with your parent information


    • Access the Pinellas County Schools Homepage (
    • Click on Departments and Divisions
    • Click on Health and Physical Education
    • On the left panel, click on +Physical Education
    • Click on +Middle School Physical Education
    • Click on Middle School Physical Education Waiver, then click on the link.
    • Parents will need to use their log-in credentials to access this site.
    • Once logged in, the online form will appear.