• School Advisory Council (SAC) The primary purpose of SAC is to provide parents, teachers, and all other members of the community an opportunity to actively participate in the development of education priorities, assessment of school needs, and implementation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP). All interested persons are invited to attend scheduled meetings at 6:00 p.m.
    SAC Members                                                                                   
    Jeffrey Moss, Ed.D - Principal                                                                                 
    Brandi Williams - Assistant Principal                                                                       
    Stacia Halton - SAC Chair/Teacher                                                                           
    Marisel Fonte - Staff/Parent                                                                                      
    Yvette Gamble - Staff                                                                                               
    Andrea Fonseca - Community Rep. (Publix)                                                               
    Susan Hurley - Community Rep. (City of Oldsmar)                                                    
    Misti Pollaro - Community Rep.                                                                              
    Jeff Murphy - Parent
    Stephany Murphy - Parent
    Chris Tauchnitz - Parent
    Courtney Vandenberg - Parent 
    Giselle Guerrera - Parent
    Prashanti Kanchiraju - Parent 
    September 8
    October 13
    December 7
    January 19
    February 9
    March 9
    April 13
    May 11