• Mrs. Davis (PreK3 Teacher): This is my son's second year in her PreK3 class and I have seen him blossom! She goes above and beyond for my son, and makes sure he does not get bored in the classroom and does extra activities with him to stimulate his mind. He has recently shown an interest in math and she does extra math problems with him even though she doesn't have to! She does a great job at communicating with parents about the children's needs and accomplishments. She is also great at reminding parents about all the school events and activities, such as the thanksgiving feast coming up! My son loves both his teachers, but is always telling me stories about the great and fun things he does with Mrs. Davis. He loves going to school every day and always comes home happy, and that's every parent's wish!

    Mrs. Chichester (5th Grade ELA):  She consistently responds when I reach out for anything at all and she seems very organized.  Mike is happily enjoying his last year at Oldsmar Elementary, and she is one of the reasons. 

    Mrs. Cole (KG) She has been amazing to work with this year as we navigate elementary school. She is exactly the teacher my student needs.

    Mrs. Lopez (1st Grade)  My son had Mrs. Lopez as a first grade teacher last year and she was amazing! She was very patient with him, knew exactly how to handle him, encouraged him, cared about him, and was very communicative and helpful all year long. She was even excited about seeing him when he visited her this year! She is a blessing to our family, as is everyone at OES. Thank you Ms. Lopez for everything you do for your students and our community. We love you!

    Mrs. Anderson (PK) She is such a fantastic teacher. My son has really enjoyed making new friends at school and learning so many new vocabulary words. She always has a positive attitude and truly enjoys teaching.

    Mrs. Benton (4th Grade ELA) We love Mrs. Benton and all of the hard work she dedicates to her class. We have had some really great field trips and love all the extra effort she puts into her classroom.

    Mrs. Boone (1st Grade)   I wanted to submit staff recognition for Mrs. Boone. Her communication and organization was exactly what we needed as we navigated the start of the school year and she continues to keep us informed and involved throughout the year. But by far her dedication to her students and how much she truly cares about my son makes her special! I wanted to share an example with you. In December, my son had his very first dance recital at the Oldsmar Winter Wonderland (and he was equally nervous and excited). He must have told her about it that day and we got a message from Mrs. Boone while on our way to the park, that she would be coming to watch him too! She found us after he got off stage to congratulate him and we both laughed at how we watched him with tears in our eyes. I could tell she was just as proud of him as we were! She didn’t have to come and probably won’t always be able to, but it meant a lot to our family and made our son feel pretty special.

    Ms. Eddy (Teacher Assistant/PTA President) Ms. Eddy has been a part of Oldsmar Elementary for a very long time, 27 years I believe. She is always looking out for the kids and trying to make the school a better place. She is always there for you when you need anything and goes above and beyond to make the school fun with PTA.  When my oldest son went to Oldsmar he knew that he could go to her for anything that was needed and she would help him no matter what! She is truly an amazing person and Oldsmar is lucky to have her. 

    Mrs. Wilhelmi (Kg Teacher) I am so grateful for Mrs. Wilhelmi. If it wasn't for her my child would not be where he is now. She is such a calm and happy person and that makes a huge difference with my child. My son loves math right now and that is huge to me, I was never very good at it. He brings home so many awesome ways to do learning and loves every minute of it! Every time you see Mrs. Wilhelmi she brings happiness to where she is! 

    Mrs. Munson (4th Grade)  Thank you so much Mrs. Munson for being a great teacher and teaching my son so many new concepts and topics in school. He can’t wait for the upcoming field trip too!

    Miss Hailey (Pre K 3) Thank you Miss Hailey for helping my son in the 3 year old program! He loves to talk about having lunch with you and the class. I truly appreciate your help in the classroom!!

    Nurse Kolettis  She is so friendly and upbeat! I love that her door is always open and she is such a wonderful face to see in the morning. Miss Melonie is great with the students and always goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome.