•  Student Login Information

    Students have a set username and password that will follow them through high school in Pinellas County Schools.  It is their "Pinellas Credentials" or usually called their "R2.D2" Here is a sample:

    username:  4H.78 

    password:   s.45823697


    Most programs require the regular R2.D2:  Focus-grades, Destiny, Destiny Quest, St Math (most students), and Reading Counts (at school only).  Many of the programs can be linked directly once your child logs into Focus.  Most of the sites prefer Firefox over Internet Explorer.


    Think Central has a variation for the login.  An example of a username is:  524H78  Notice a 52 is added to the front and no (.) period was used.  The password is the same.This program allows students to look at their textbooks for Reading, Science, and Math.  Think Central works best in Firefox.  

     Good sites to bookmark that take you to multiple places: