• Volunteers are Shining Stars at Oldsmar Elementary!

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    Many opportunities await you at Oldsmar Elementary.  Our volunteers come in countless varieties…..parents, grandparents, retired teachers and business people, stay-at-home moms…whatever your schedule demands, we can find a way for you to be involved. Come and see me!

    An extremely beneficial way that your business, your employer or your family can directly impact the classroom and departments at Oldsmar Elementary is through our Adopt-a-Class program.  Our school was the pioneer of this initiative in Pinellas County and its success through the years has been priceless to our teachers and staff.  By directly donating your tax-deductible dollars to the school, you are allowing the teachers the much needed funds for supplies, technology, books, etc.

    Become more involved today, you will know why we say, “At Oldsmar Elementary learning is a family affair.


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    Call or email Alisha Reith
    Family and Community Liaison 


    P2ACC Parent Academy 
    Pinellas County Schools has launched Parent Academy Workshops to promote parental engagement and enhance student academic success. These workshops are offered in schools, libraries, community centers, and government offices.